Unknown Video Recording Equipment
Source: 2G VHS > DVD (transfer by Ricky R.)
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: The filming of this show is -decent- at best. The camera simply shakes, rattles, ducks, rolls & generally sucks. The audio on the recording is mono. Not only is it in mono but the audio is brickwalled as well. Seriously, you really must want to see this show for some reason to request this source. Did I mention this is very, very, very, very incomplete? All in all, this is best left for collectors. Tool was, of course, playing as steady as one would expect though. One more thing about this fine piece of memorabilia - it is incomplete, cuts out during Third Eye. Audio is not mastered & once I have time or desire, maybe I will rip the audio if another source does not come into light. Until then, I am not going to rewatch the vid just to get another MJK quote. Unfortunately, this is the only source known to be even remotely floating around. Ah well.

Maynardism: N/A




Time: 60:09

The Grudge
(-) Ions
Third Eye