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Mini-DV --- Mini-DV --- Panasonic Canon ZR50MC
Source D: Master > DVD
Taper:      Pr1ck
Gen:         1st from Master     
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: The filmer was left-center <back> while filming this show. There are some superb full stage + screen shots which make this a rather interesting & holistic experience to watch. There are a few close-ups but, really, they are generally relatively dark & a little obscure. Good, nonetheless. However, there seems to be a bit more camera ducks than are common in other products that Randy has manufactured. But sometimes that is what you need to do to get a complete recording. I don't really know how those filmers do it, to be honest, but I am glad someone wants to. Personally, I am more than happy doing FOS recording. Back on topic, Tool was very good this night & this is the show which, as reported by the official website a few months back, "Faaip De Oaid" was played & recorded after the show & is supposed to be included on a future DVD release. This has yet to be actually verified.

Maynardism: "Good evening. Y'all plan on having fun tonight, right? We probably should make some kind of distinction. What kind of fun we're gonna have tonight. Not like WWF or monster truck kind of fun. And not like Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock kind of fun. The difference being we don't underestimate your intelligence. We're going to have informed, intelligent, inspired, think for yourself - question authority kind of fun, yes? Having said that..."




Time: 1:53:49

Cold & Ugly
The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Third Eye
(Hicks + Leary)