Source E:
Mini-DV --- Panasonic Canon ZR50MC
Source E: Master > DVD
Taper:      Pr1ck
Gen:         1st from Master     
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Filmed from the left side of the venue, up, this is a very nice capture of the last night of the Lateralus tour. There are a couple of moves as well.  Although the video is a little shaky at times, is moved a couple & there are a couple quick drop-outs, these are hardly major issues or concerns. All in all, I doubt many other people could do much better. Interesting, the taper did some real nice mixing/editing job with the screens & the performance by the band. Speaking of which, there are some real nice screen-shots and also some very interesting close-ups. The sound is real nice, especially for using Min-DV & all. You will be hard-pressed to find a better recording, audio + visual than this. This is, if nothing else, a good way for Tool to go out in 2002... even though the back-drop does not fall during the opening of the Grudge, leaving MJK standing there with his arms up looking silly.

Maynardism: "Good evening Long Beach. We assume you've come to have fun. We assume you've come to have fun. If you don't mind, we're gonna specify what kind of fun we've had in mind. Not the, uh, not the WWF, MTV dry-hump, dipshits gone wild on crack kind of fun. And of course not the dick-Durst, Kid-cock, big-time Monster Truck Rally kind of fun either. Because we aren't going to underestimate your intelligence. The kind of fun we have in mind tonight is intelligent fun, compassionate fun, psychedelic & introspective fun. Hopefully, kind of fun that leaves you inspired, not just on a physical/sensual level but also on a mental/spiritual & emotional level. The kind of fun that scares the fuck out of religious fanatics & Republicans. In other words, dangerous fun. So, are you ready for that? Ok...where were we?"




Time: 2:00:12

The Grudge
(-) Ions
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
Third Eye

<taper moves, sound is muffled slightly>
Intermission <cut>