Source B:
Sony ECM-717 > Sony MZ-R700 (Mic-In LP2, Loge seats Right stack)
Taper:      Distortion
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Notes:  Last show of the Lateralus tour. Real nice recording. Usually, the sound of Sony ECM mics sort of drives me nuts but they really are not so bad on this recording. Although the bass may slightly brickwall & distort when a deep high end hits, really, that is not a very terrible aspect, all things considered. There is also an ever-so-slight high end distortion such as when a cymbal really crashes. Pleasant recording. It is funny that during a rather slower part of the performance, someone next to the taper is screaming, the taper says "shut the hell up". Interesting. Is this the best sounding source for this performance? No. It is an interesting capture, regardless. There are alternative transfers of this show in the trade-pool, please pay attention to what you attain. The following information was provided by taper: Transfer: DIGITAL - Sony MDS-E10 (SPDIF Out) > M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 (SPDIF In) > Sound Forge 7.0 w/ Waves Masters Tools (EQ and Level) > CDWave (Tracking) > .WAV > .FLAC / Generation: 0 (Direct Digital Transfer) / Transferred Digitally / 12/2005..
Maynardism: "Good evening Long Beach. We assume you've come to have fun. We assume you've come to have fun. If you don't mind, we're gonna specify what kind of fun we've had in mind. Not the, uh, not the WWF, MTV dry-hump, dipshits gone wild on crack kind of fun. And of course not the dick-Durst, Kid-cock, big-time Monster Truck Rally kind of fun either. Because we aren't going to underestimate your intelligence. The kind of fun we have in mind tonight is intelligent fun, compassionate fun, psychedelic & introspective fun. Hopefully, kind of fun that leaves you inspired, not just on a physical/sensual level but also on a mental/spiritual & emotional level. The kind of fun that scares the fuck out of religious fanatics & Republicans. In other words, dangerous fun. So, are you ready for that? Ok...where were we?"
Maynardism: "Thank you Meshuggah - thank you very much. It's been a wonderful tour, lucky to have you. We'd like to thank our crew - couldn't have done it without you, thank you very much. Tomorrow, however, you're all fired. Take a vacation. Thank you, all for sharing this moment with us. We hope that something you've witnessed here tonight will leave you inspired on some level, or serve as a catalyst that little extra spark that you needed to realize & pursue your dreams. To follow your bills. To take risks. To remember what it means to communicate with each other to make big things happen. We have a challenge for you. We challenge you to make us obsolete, we embrace the idea of becoming dinosaurs & a new wave of inspired new musicians & a new generation. Something that we just turn our heads and make us proud. Make daddy proud, that's our challenge from us. Thank you very much."




CD 3

("go home" outro music; walking, talking - interesting)

CD 2

Third Eye
(Noise > Hicks > Leary

CD 1

The Grudge
(-) Ions
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient