Source C:
Unverified Mini-DV Recording Equipment
Source C: Refuse Videos / AK
Source C: Master > VHS NTSC > DVD
Gen:         1st from Master
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Notes:  For the source information and recording position, this is actually a very clear recording with very minimal PAL>VHS>DVD interference. The taper was very far away. The video is ok but incomplete due to numerous security-ducks & random movements, a certain sense of vertigo may affect your ability to not fall off your chair from being disoriented. However, there are some excellent focusing & skill involved with this video. There are times when refuse hides the camera (from security) as the screen goes dark & the sound gets muffled but that is only temporarily. It must not be easy to really film Tool. Taking a guess. Maynard is painted blue at this show & Oesseus Labyrinth are just hanging around as well. Although the collector may find great joy in watching this show, it is debatable as to what other people would or may want to do. That said, this is potentially best left for collector's. Personally, I enjoy this video quite a bit. There are not many videos from this leg so all offer a truly unique image of Tool.

Maynardism: "It's come to our attention, that we have the need to remind you where you are, in case you were, uh, decided to over do it with the Grateful Dead acid you've had hiding in your freezer... you are at a Tool show"




Time: 61:37

The Grudge
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient