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Notes: Very nice recording. Rock solid is a good term. Low crowd noise, good taping location and good equipment generally equal out to a nice recording. Not all the time, but sometimes and this is one of those times. The bass is full but not thick, it sort of punches, the guitar is nicely mixed, the cymbals are quite atmospheric and MJK's voice is very clear. You can hear a reverberation that is audible during softer parts of the concert, in-between songs and, at times, you can hear other bands playing in the distance. This was a festival gig after all. Adam's subtle guitar picks before 46&2 are excellent, exceptionally clear. In my opinion, this is one of the better 2002 performances by Tool. Sober has the extended "I want what I want, I want what I want" at the end which is quite powerful. The taper did a CD transfer in early November, 2003. Maynard does not do his patented "Positive" speech, which is rather cool. In fact, there was little talking this night. There are some-gaps at track-transitions but there is nothing one can do about that. This was transferred from DAT by the taper. Also, during Stinkfist, the taper checks his levels as the sound goes down & up rapidly. Not a big thing but is worth noting. Lateralus is cut about 3/4 of the way through and is a mastering error. At the beginning of disc #2, there is some static and other oddities - maybe there was some recording issue or the transferring itself was messed up, electronically. Excellent performance of Tool. The festival seemed to give the band more of a relaxed feeling. Interesting to see that they varied the setlist quite a bit actually. Interesting stuff. I find it surprising that this is the only known source to surface. The CD version that was transferred in 2003 have the intro to the show cut. The DAT version actually has the intro > Tuva. Cool. At this point, I am debating whether to do another transfer, a cleaner transfer or just leave it as is. Have a feeling that if another transfer goes out into the trading pool it would only add a lot more confusion.
Notes - about DAT Clone: The purpose of trying to find a DAT clone was to fix the track transition issues + Lateralus cut that the taper transferred. After about a year of trying to get into contact with this taper, a DAT Master > 1Gen DAT was available. This would not have been possible were it not for the dedication, professionalism & interest of K. Sproul. If you have a cool or rare Nirvana item, send him an email - highly recommended trader. Thank you. Slightly confusing. To make a long story short, the taper of this performance sent the aforementioned trader the Master after having issue with trying to make a clone in Germany. Sent the masters over, when KS received the package, the 2nd DAT which had Lateralus on it was damaged somehow. To be optimistic, only the last 1/3 of Lateralus was on the damaged DAT. Not physically damaged, but intrinsically. The recording has severe digi-noise & distortion. It is my opinion that this is due to going through an x-ray or de-magnetizing device of some kind. Why would the other DAT not be damaged then? I don't know, just my gut feeling. To complicate matters, when KS received the DAT, the one with 99% of the show on it, the DAT tape itself had come undone. Unbelievable. As a note, this was a DAT tape, not even a DDS tape, for those that may know what I am talking about. Anyway, he fixed it & made a clone of the DAT. Believe it or not, I believe this trade occurred over the span of 7 months.

Maynardism: "Good evening. We are Tool."
Maynardism: "Thank you."
Maynardism: "Thank you very much. Ozzy's up next."




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(-) Ions
(White Lines)
The Grudge
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient