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Taper:   Wim
Gen:      1st from Master
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Notes: Exceptionally clear recording. Sound is well above average, almost like a DAT - in quality. It may have something to do with the fact that Wim has been taping since 1996, knows what he is doing, uses good equipment and stood relatively close to the speakers. This recording is so clear that in between songs, you can hear other bands playing in the distance but the crowd noise is very low; lower than it is in most other recordings. The performance is simply great which makes the rather interesting setlist only that much more intriguing. Something is very interesting about European tapings, many seem to be of above the general standards of quality. Tool seems to be a different band when they play Ozzfest gigs, maybe a bit more relaxed and playful with the crowd & their music. In the USA, they tend to be much more...conservative...that may be the correct phrase.

Maynardism: "Thank you Dave, thank you Mike; Mike & Dave - the Thompson Twins. Apparently, awaiting that call for the Prince reunion. Meanwhile. they've opened up an auto supply store in Encino called Pep-Boys. It's doling well for them. Always a pleasure, never a chore"




Time: 79:36

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Ticks & Leeches