Coachella Festival

Source C:
Audio Technica AT853 Slimline Cardioids (Matched) > SP-SPSB-6SL (w/ Bass Roll Off @ 95 Hz) > iRiver iHP-140 (16-bit/44.1kHz)
Dissemination: USB > HD > Sony Soundforge 8.0 > FLAC > Torrent / thetradersden.org (05/2006)
Location: 100 ft back and 50 ft right of center
Taper:      Robin Cunningham
Gen:         0 from Master
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Notes - by: Taper: Recorded from stereo mics clipped to hat 6 ft. from the ground spaced 6 inches apart. Tool was the shit. They played a sick show at Coachella and the sound was so on! The music was so loud and thumpy, but it was so clear and crisp. They played extremely well and played a tight set in the cool nighttime. The show was recorded about 100 ft back and 50 ft right of center stage in the audience. There recording has some muffled bass levels. The show volume and bass especially were at really high levels.
Notes - by: Galen: There is a pervasive amount of crowd presence that permeates the entirety of this recording. Vocals are clean, guitar is crisp, drums/cymbals mesh well & overall is a very good capture of Tool on the first public performance of new material, year & album. Deep bass tends to leave the listener with a less-than desirable audio effect. This may be a simple microphone-based opinion but the bass tends to sound a bit more "crunchy" than it was or should be. Other sources, with different microphones, have crisper & better bass throughout. However, this recording features some wonderful captures of subtleties & textures of Tool's music. Overall, definitely worth seeking out + enjoying. Since this was torrented, attaining this source should be of little difficulty.   

Time: 72:47

Setlist / Quote:

'Good evening hippiieees! I smell Pertouli!'

The Pot

'Welcome to our first show in many years. We want to keep it down a notch, make it all small and intimate, invite a few friends. Welcome. But you, dude, need to put your fucking clothes back on, you're buming me out. Got lost on the way to Burning Man.'

Forty-Six & 2

'New album comes out tomorrow at midnight. I know you fuckers all downloaded already. Do me a favour, I'm trying to buy... this gold nugget shaped like a piece of popcorn for a ring. So, I need you to buy a bunch of records so I can afford that. Big ol' gold nugget. Like 4 of them. Then when I hit you in the face for taking my photo it will look like somebody had hit with a bowl of popcorn. Help me out will ya? I'm destitute.'

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

''Get out your calculators!"
'Had enough? Good. Because we've come here to scissor, paper, rock you. I wrote that. Single.'


'I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I hope you all got a chance to go in the VIP tent. Of course you all did, right? It's fucken LA, everybody's a fucken VIP. Can I get a witness?'