Coachella Festival

Source F:
Core Sound Binaurals (9V BatBox >Line In) > Sony PCM-M1 > Maxell 90m DAT @48k
Dissemination: Fostex D5 Master (DAT) Recorder > JB3 @48K (via toslink) > HD (via USB) > Peak 4.0 ( Downsample, Tracking, Normalize, Fades ) > verify SBE OK, generate .aiff.checksum, compress to flac level 7, generate fingerprint, verify via xACT 1.4b23, seeded via Azureus by BoldCaptain May 2006 on DimeADozen.
Taper:      BoldCaptain
Gen:         0 from Master
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Notes - by: Taper: Most of this has seen the light of day from other sources. This is my source, plus this is MY recorder 2 for Tools' set. Location for all sets: FOB LOC inside the "armpit" give or take ten feet,( if you were there you know where i mean!!). Clean and mostly quiet, sound quality 4/5 overall. No setlists at this time. Any help with that will be greatly appreciated!
Notes - by: Galen: To the taper, thank you for sharing this source; awesome. Interested in trading out a clone? Hope the setlist below will be helpful for your purposes. This recording in comparison with other recordings is quite a bit more bass heavy than other sources. However, this source definitely stands on it's own two feet so to speak. MJK's vocals are clear, the guitars are crisp, Danny's drums hit exceptionally well & other than the low end of the Chancellor's bass is very smooth. No complaints at all. I do believe that the quality of this recording holds true that CSB's are more than capable of delivering a very good recording. 

Time: 78:17

Setlist / Quote:

'Good evening hippiieees! I smell Petrouley!'

The Pot

'Welcome to our first show in many years. We want to keep it down a notch, make it all small and intimate, invite a few friends. Welcome. But you, dude, need to put your fucking clothes back on, you're bumming me out. Got lost on the way to Burning Man.'

Forty-Six & 2

'New album comes out tomorrow at midnight. I know you fuckers all downloaded already. Do me a favor, I'm trying to buy... this gold nugget shaped like a piece of popcorn for a ring. So, I need you to buy a bunch of records so I can afford that. Big ol' gold nugget. Like 4 of them. Then when I hit you in the face for taking my photo it will look like somebody had hit with a bowl of popcorn. Help me out will ya? I'm destitute.'

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

''Get out your calculators!"
'Had enough? Good. Because we've come here to scissor, paper, rock you. I wrote that. Single.'


'I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I hope you all got a chance to go in the VIP tent. Of course you all did, right? It's fucken LA, everybody's a fucken VIP. Can I get a witness?'