Coachella Festival

Source I:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Danish Pro Audio 4061 > Sony MZ-RH10 (PCM mode)
Location: Front of stacks by main stage, left side
Dissemination: Contact taper HERE
Location: Front of stacks - Left
Taper: Adam
Cross Reference: Here
MP3 Sample:
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Notes - G1 / Adam: This was my 23rd TOOL show in 9 years. After travelling all the way from South Louisiana, camping out through the heat at the festival for 3 days, dealing with all kinds of mishaps and frustrations over the course of the weekend, and then holding my spot on the rail, front of stack, for about 7 hours before TOOL finally took the stage at 11 PM... to say that I was ready for their set would be quite an understatement. This was also my first weekend taping with DPA mics, so my anticipation was very high. As for my recording, it was expectedly very very bass heavy from standing FOS, but when I later EQd the bass down to a listenable level, I actually uncovered some distortion present in the recording, specifically from the kick drum. This was very unexpected and quite disappointing.
Notes - by Galen: This source is G-1 or 1/2 of the Source G matrix (see the cross reference link above for more information). Although the vocals are pretty clear & the guitar is pretty spot-on, the bass is not too bad but I too detect some amount of distortion. The main issue with this source is the lack of respect by the morons in the crowd. Throughout this source, it seems, the same drunk bastards are seeking the taper's microphones out to 'hoot, holler' & otherwise say 'what's up' to friends they have not seen in a while. Or something. 9 times out of 10 I really do my best to ignore Tommy Hilfucker & his prepped-out best friend Eddie Bowser as they shout 'fuck yeah' & their roofied-up, drunk 15 year old step-sister shouts 'we love you guys' to Tool as they perform the opening lines of the Patient. All I can say is that I certainly owe the taper a beer for not going out of his mind at this mot hostile of taping environments. Due to the annoying crowd, not the band. Although that is something else entirely.

Time: 78:12

Setlist / Quote:

'Good evening hippiieees! I smell Petrouley!'

The Pot

'Welcome to our first show in many years. We want to keep it down a notch, make it all small and intimate, invite a few friends. Welcome. But you, dude, need to put your fucking clothes back on, you're bumming me out. Got lost on the way to Burning Man.'

Forty-Six & 2

'New album comes out tomorrow at midnight. I know you fuckers all downloaded already. Do me a favor, I'm trying to buy... this gold nugget shaped like a piece of popcorn for a ring. So, I need you to buy a bunch of records so I can afford that. Big ol' gold nugget. Like 4 of them. Then when I hit you in the face for taking my photo it will look like somebody had hit with a bowl of popcorn. Help me out will ya? I'm destitute.'

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

''Get out your calculators!"
'Had enough? Good. Because we've come here to scissor, paper, rock you. I wrote that. Single.'


'I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I hope you all got a chance to go in the VIP tent. Of course you all did, right? It's fucken LA, everybody's a fucken VIP. Can I get a witness?'