Source A:
Core Sound Stealth Cardiods > SP-PREAMP-4 > Archos Gmini 402
Dissemination: USB cable > CDWave > FLAC > Torrent / Dimeadozen.org (05/2006)
Location:  Left side, main floor, about five or six rows up
Taper:      Terrapin5000
Gen:         0 from Master
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Notes - by: Taper: Sound quality may suffer a bit due to extensive head-banging (which I always tell myself I'm not going to do when taping a TOOL gig, but always end up doing anyway).
Notes - by: Galen: The second performance of Tool's return to touring on the day 10,000 Days was released, the performance is not only powerful but the new material is spot-on in regards to any inconsistencies. From the standpoint of other mini-tour gigs, this recording picks up a great deal of MJK's vocals throughout the recording/performance. Not sure if the mix from the board was any different or this was something with the venue but MJK's vocals are clear, concise & pleasant. The microphone, a cardioid, was a wise choice as the highs & many of the subtleties of the music are accurately captured. In fact, this recording features a very clear reflection of the vocal effect MJK uses on Rosetta Stoned, something that is sometimes lost in other recordings. There are a few instances of over-powering crowd energy but this is a minor complaint. Definitely a pleasant experience to listen & enjoy.




CD 2

Setlist / Quote:

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

'Sorry we haven't been more talkative, we uh. When we come to Seattle we're so uh, its intimidating. I mean this is pretty much, this is ground zero for everything that happened.  Of course I mean, Starbucks, ya know, the coffee. [crowd boos] But apparently it fostered some kind of music scene, I think its called uh, mundge or something. I'm not really good at spelling and I can't read.  So, ya have that going for ya.'


'Thank you very much for coming down, it's always a pleasure.  Next time we'll get totally naked.  Adam, anything to add?  Nothing.'




CD 1

Setlist / Quote:

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

'Good evening.  We're Tool, Seattle.  Seattle, Tool.  Peace.'

Forty-Six & 2
The Pot

'New album came out today. Those of you who bought these tickets on Ebay or paid scalpers, when ya done with those loans you should run out and buy it, its pretty good, a pretty good record. I already have it I downloaded it so, I'm not gonna. You can go ahead and call us cocksuckers now if ya want. This song's called Tool's a cocksuckers.'