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Unspecified Video Recording Equipment
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Notes: There is at least one DVD>CD transfer of this floating around with disc times of: disc 1 - 7 tracks - 52:02 + disc 2 - 7 tracks - 50:21 (transfer by Geordy).
Notes: I really with there was source information for this recording as it is not bad for what it is. What is it? A very cautious video. The filmer basically hit record, put it at an angle (see image above) & recorded the show. I say cautious as anyone who is going to film Tool has a "big set" so that is not being questioned. Tool is one of the harder bands to film or tape via their strict anti-taping policy. This is actually a very risky endeavor; filming a Tool show. This is arguably more risky than audio taping as your rig is exposed. I say a "cautious video" as, compared with what other Tool filmers have done this is relatively filmed safe. That said, this is a very cool video. There are only a handful of known video recordings of Tool from the mini tour. The venues were extremely small & the security was pervasively tight at near-every show. In fact, on this video, you can see the security basically stand in front of the stage all evening. The audio is a bit distant but is not of terrible quality; is as good as some of the lower quality recordings from this leg sourced from audio. The depth of sound is not too intense & when you hear many of the folks in the audience shout "Tool", hoot, yell or whistle maybe that is not a terrible thing? Final opinion, good video w/decent sound. I do wonder how many folks will be able to watch this over + over + over + over though... My main question is... who is that person sitting on the right side of the stage with white hair, a white shirt & a fanny pack? That is not Camilla. Would that be Danny's own mother? I wonder!

Maynardism: "Kansas fucking city. You guys <mumble, mumble>, us 10. Have a good night."





Time: 1:32:01
Setlist / Quote:

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

The Pot

Forty-Six & 2
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient