Source C:
Sound Professionals Premium AT Slimline Cardioids > M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96(@24/48)
Dissemination: USB > WAV > Wavelab > FLAC
Taper:      Crazyafroman
Gen:         0 from Master
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Notes - by: Galen:
First, if you want to listen to this recording on CD, you will have to resample it to 44.1 kHz as the taper did not do that for you. All in all, a very nice recording with more crowd noise than sources A & B. Not sure where the taper stood however I imagine it is at least some distance away. This has a very live feel to it; not as "in your face" as it could be. The vocals are clean, guitar is powerful but the bass cuts very deep. If I were to list the most impressive thing about this recording; I would have to go with the passion of the crowd in regards to MJK's vocals. You can tell that the audience was mad for Tool this night & the screams, talking, clapping & cheering that sometimes stand in the way of recordings add a bit of ambience. Very nice. The only issue is that the recording abruptly stops during Ænema which renders this an incomplete recording.





Time: 99:11
Setlist / Quote:

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"Good evening small apples."

The Pot

Forty-Six & 2

"We had a new album come out. It's called '10,000 reasons to play Minneapolis".

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

"Thank you very much for coming down tonight for this warm-up show. It's been a while since we played so we're just trying to blow the dust off & get the feel of it all. I heard a rumor that all the tickets you bought tonight were doesd with LSD so those of you that thought to lick your ticket - we hope you've enjoyed your evening. There will be some extraterrestials  outside the door to help guide you out to your car on the way out."



"We'd like to dedicate this set to our friend who is negative two months old, she's still in the womb, her name is Karman - her first rock show. This goes out to Karman."