Source A:
DAT --- Danish Pro Audio 4061 > MMA6030 > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Mod II) / 48 kHz
Dissemination: N/A (still on DAT)
Location: Row UU (under mezzanine) / Main Floor
Taper:      Galen
Ticket:     Click Here
Promo:     Click Here
Gen:         Master Recording
MP3 Sample: N/A

Notes - by: Taper/Galen - Tickets: I'll make my story for Tool tix as short as I can. I haven't heard from my best bud Ryan B. in a long time; the day the tickets are to go on sale, April 22, I get an email from him (who later came to the show with me). Crazy. That was a sign that luck would be on my side this day. My wife was online with TM. My dad was at a little grocery store on the other side of the State. I went to the Ann Arbor TM outlet at 9 w/about 100 people in line. Talked with a guy & chatted for a bit. We discussed the lottery as that was definitely going to happen - we made a pact that if he was able to get 4 tix, he would sell me two & vice versa. TM people came out, did a lottery. Somehow, I managed up as the 3rd person in line. People were pissed & understandably so. 10 rolls around, first person gets 3 tix, the guy in front of me wants 4 together, TM cannot pull it up. The TM employee gets nothing & the other TM person shouts: "Tool in Detroit is now SOLD OUT!" 100+ people scream in unison. Then, my wife calls my cell & says that she was not able to get anything. I ask her to try again w/just 1 ticket. I'm standing at the counter & politely ask the employee to try. She says ok, manages to just keep hitting 'print' & manages 8 tickets. The guys in front of me buy 4. I buy the other 4 & sell 2 for face value to the guy I talked to in line - he was  stoked. Sarah calls me back, manages to get 1 ticket. My dad calls, he managed 2 awesome floor seats FOS from his TM location. I end up with 5. Good fuckin' karma. I sold 2 tickets to friends, have one coming in the mail & have 2 when I see my dad next week. Amazing luck. Not bad for a show that sold out in under 60 seconds.
Notes - by: Taper/Galen: The Fox Theatre was the largest venue of the 2006 mini-tour. Security was very tight what with metal detector wands, walk-through detectors & also pat-downs; however, this is simply standard Detroit, MI "major concert" type of security. There were reportedly several tapers that decided not to tape at this venue; not sure why. It is either you risk being kicked out at some point for taping or you do not even try to tape - depends on your attitude I suppose. Standard mini-tour setlist with the second performance of "Right In Two" - live. I was positioned under the mezzanine thus the bass is rather thick + pervasive throughout. Although I certainly did not have the most optimal of taping location, the result is a clean, clear & concise recording. It is not the best of the mini tour but it is at least an enjoyable listen. No issues with the recording other than some *extremely& annoying "fans" who 'hooted + hollered' throughout the performance at the most inopportune times. Drove me crazy. I was drilling holes with my eyes through their skulls. The show also had somewhat of a strange vibe. Apparently, MJK had a death threat directed towards prior to the performance from a dude from Ohio that was attempting to link Tool lyrics to the murder / conspiracy surrounding Tupac Shakur (murdered rap artist). It is true. I could not make this shit up... I wonder if "fuck all these gun toting,, hip gangster wanna-be's" had anything to do with it?






Setlist / Quote:

 Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned

"Jesus fucking Christ you guys are fucking loud. Good Evening"


"Pistons are having a hard time with the Cavaliers tonight. I'm from Akron, having mixed feelings. Fuck the Clippers, Danny. I gotta be honest, we are all talking about, this is all football, right? I don't follow this shit. Pistons, Clippers... shhh, thank you so much."

 46 & 2

"We had a new album come out recently, thank you all for shelling out for that. For those of you that haven't picked it up yet,  please do so on your way out tonight, I'm adding a wing on the winery - and I do appreciate your support. (clears throat). You'd do the same for Liberace, wouldn't you. How about this one? Go Pistons."


Right in Two

"Thank you very much for coming down. Thank you for allowing us to perpetuate the evil that is free-thought. I'd like to dedicate this set to, uh, Satan. Travel safely home. "


"Droughts, floods, forest fires, torrential rains, the ruins - barring any of that, we'll see you in the late summer. "