Source E:
Core Sound Cardioids > Core Sound Battery Box > Sony MZ-N1
Dissemination: Analog out > CD Wave > FLAC > Wavelab > FLAC
Taper:      Bobcat
Location:  orch row C, centre
Gen:         0 (or 1) from Master
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Notes - by: Galen: All things considered, this is a very nice recording of this performance. Perhaps this recordings greatest strength is that the vocals + guitar are somewhat separated from other instruments in the recording which makes this exceptionally clear. Sort of like the sounds are literally stacked upon each other but you are able to hear the layers. To me, cardioid microphones have more of a high/bass sound with a not-as-thick middle range of sounds. Good omni mics, when used in the proper context, can give you something like a demo tape feel instead of a live, ambient recording; which this recording is. See what I'm saying? No? The entirety of this recording is clean & clear; there are arguably better, overall sources however this is pretty damn fine. I kind of think that, overall, the recordings from the 2006 mini-tour to present are really quite nice. This is testament to that fact; such basic equipment & yet such tasty results. As a bonus... after RS... this recording captures security(?) ask him what he is doing (he was shining a light). The guy tells the taper to not do that as it is distracting. I kind of think the taper was checking his levels & nearly got busted.




CD 2

Setlist / Quote:


thank you very much for coming down. Please enjoy your very, very, very strong Canadian dollar. Please do us all a favor & buy our country - we'll be selling it for scrap soon. So, get on that one. You know what happened with Detroit, it's just a matter of time. Thank you very much; peace - out.


"We're serious about buying our country. Most of it is going to be beachfront soon. Just a  warning..."



CD 1

Setlist / Quote:

 Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned

"What's up Toronto?"

 46 & 2

"We had a new album come out. Apparently it went platinum in Canada. And I'd just like to say what the fuck dudes - what about triple platinum - buy it again. I'm trying to put a new wing on the winery - help me out; I said, I love Canada."


Right in Two