CD 1

01. <bass intro> (3:20)
02. Lost Keys (4:00)
03. Rosetta Stoned (12:08)
04. Stinkfist (7:24)
05. 46 and 2 (7:10)
06. Jambi (8:29)
07. Schism (7:53)


Source B:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Danish Pro Audio 4061 > Sony MZ-RH10 (HiSP mode)
Location: 2nd balcony, stage left, second row (Front Gallery, Row B, Seat 20)
Image: Click HERE
Dissemination: Contact taper HERE
Transfer: Sony MZ-RH10 > SonicStage (USB cable) > Wavelab 3.04a (EQ, compression, normalize) > CD Wave Editor
Taper: Adam
Gen: 0 from Master
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - by: Taper: Not the ideal spot to tape with omni mics. Cardioids would have been a better choice. Maynard's vocals just didn't carry very well up to the upper levels of the theater, despite the speakers they had hung up in front of us. Still, the results are pretty decent. The fans around me were definitely into the show, but for the most part weren't too vocal, which is how I like it. Overall this is a good recording. The highlight of the show for me was hearing Right in Two... somewhat of a rarity it seems. Enjoy!
Notes - by: Galen: The vocals are quite obscured throughout the performance, much like the majority of gigs from this warm-up tour were. Adam's guitar seems to be rather crisp as is Danny's amazing drumming ability, however, the bass (although cleaned up in EQ) is still simply lacking - this is from the venue, speaker-stuff not the taping equipment. You know, listening to this performance retrospectively, it appears to be a bit sloppy in certain parts - particularly during Rosetta Stoned, Schism & Vicarious. I don't know, either the timing is off on certain points and/or I like to make stuff up. It is my belief that this particular source could not really do much to improve what seems like a lackluster performance. Definitely not ideal taping conditions and, yes, Cardioid microphones (like Schoeps) were the better bet for these warm-up shows. That said, this source is the better of the few sources to be released in any capacity. And for that reason, this is recommended for those that want to hear a good sounding recording of a struggling warm-up show. Hope this is clear but with the correct amount of harshness.

Maynardism: "New fucking York. That's just one bad word we'll be using tonight. We'll use a couple of these words so prepare yourself - those on the side of the stage. Thanks for coming out."





CD 2

01. Intension - short (0:57)
02. Right in Two (8:59)
01. Merkaba (3:18)
02. Sober (6:00)
03. Lateralus (12:03)
04. keyboard interlude (3:38)
05. Vicarious (7:53)
06. Ænema (8:58)