Source A:
DAT --- Schoeps MK4s > actives > Nbox > -20db > Sony PCM-M1
Dissemination: Tascam DA-20 > G5 > Peak > FLAC > Dimeadozen.org (06/2006)
Location: 12th row orchestra, center
Taper:      Crimson
Gen:         0 from Master
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Notes - by: Taper: Man. Some dude crashed down on top of me during Stinkfist an unplugged EVERYTHING. I mean he thundered down on me like the left hand of Zeus. Who crowds surfs during a seated event? Anyway, because of that Stinkfist is missing and 46 & 2 is incomplete. Also everyone around was chatty all night. Everyone. All night. Even my gf was loud at times. Wtf, is the whole world against me? Anyway, if you can get around that, it sounds great.
Notes - by: Galen: Have you ever heard the expression "an artist is his/her own worse critic"? In my opinion, that is exactly what the taper of this show is expressing. Are there instances where X, Y & Z could've been better for whatever reason? Could that person to the right of him just shut the fuck up? Sure. But, you know what, all things considered, this is a recording that any taper would be thrilled to have created. Ok, yes, this is an incomplete recording due to some technical issues but the end result is still an absolutely good listen. I would anticipate that this may rival any other audience recording to surface from this show - good job to Keith.  

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for letting us borrow your city. Bagles on the square; those who know - know. Those who don't sorry. Pull it together people, it's your town. Cinnamon raisin bagel on the square. Shh. Had enough? That was... that was lame. Had enough?"





Time: 1:27:05

Setlist / Quote:

Stinkfist (missing)
Forty Six & 2 (incomplete)
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned