Source A:
DAT --- Danish Pro Audio 4061's > MMA6000 > Sony PCM-M1
Dissemination: DA20-MKII > M-Audiophile USB > CDWave > FLAC
Taper:      PG
Gen:         0 from Master
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Notes - by: Galen: This is a very fine audience recording. The levels are clear, vocals are clean, guitar is good but the bass seems to thud more than bump (if you've ever heard a good bass-box in a vehicle, you will know what I mean). It is hard to have any real complaints with this recordings; I believe the taper did a fantastic job of capturing the music of Tool this night. Not trying to talk bad about DPA mics or binaural microphones at all - however, good they are (as omni's are capable of really nice recordings), it was hard to get a really good audience recording with these types of mics during the min-tour. Not sure if Knobby, the sound engineer, was doing or not doing something but I believe it is far to point out that there are few, if any, DPA sourced shows (from 2002, 2001) that resulted with results such as from the 2006 US mini tour. Not that this recording is bad, in fact it is of very high quality, but the simple fact is these microphones are capable of better recordings; as a whole, my own mini-tour master's included. When you compare this DPA 4061>M1 source to the MK4>M1 source the results are rather startling. I've heard recordings with the same source information that are virtually indistinguishable. It appears that many of the venues had issues against the taper... And your thoughts?




CD 2

Setlist / Quote:

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"There's this thing called the internet, not sure if you're familiar with it. You don't got to buy a stamp, lets you send messages with no stamps. Cool? If you've been on the internet, I dont know how you can be on it because its not a thing, you might have read that I've been sick for a while, the last week or so, so I haven't actually done a couple songs because I'm incapable, I'm an inferior singer, in poor health, so tonight I'm going to try it. If I fail it's because you failed me ? I'll sleep tonight..
The Pot

"That one goes out to the neighborhood."


"Bitch, bitch, bitch."


"Thank you very much for coming down.  I heard its been flooding.  Lots of floods.  Tried to warn ya!"



CD 1

Setlist / Quote:


"Where the fuck are we? Boston? I don't know, yesterday New York was a little bit louder. I meant, I meant the smell, the smell was a little louder. You guys are way better."

Forty-Six & 2

"Something, something, something, witty comment, something, something, insert one more witty comment here, etcetera, new album, new song.."

Right In Two