Source A:
 Hi-Mini Disc --- Sony ECM-T145 > Sony MZ-N710 > Master .WAV > CD Wave (Tracking) > .WAV > .FLAC (Level 8)
Taper:  Tiago Teixeira
Gen:  2nd from Master
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Notes 1: Tracked and FLACed on 7-06-2006 by Geordy. First night of the 2006 European Tour. Recording is incomplete, missing Ænema. The taper kindly requests that you DO NOT TORRENT this recording.
Notes 2: Hmm. Recording is definitely from the audience, at least some distance from the speakers & is rather ambient. But ambient maybe not in the best way as there is a lot of crowd chatter during & between songs. Speaking of which, between some songs, it sounds like that taper is ripping paper. Or eating. Or moving the microphones. This is not a major concern but is worth noting. Of more concern is the overall sound. The bass can sort of *flood* but not in a smooth, easy & delicious way; more like a "blugh" type of sound. There is some high end clarity but then again there is a lot of swishy-sounding microphone phasing that is rather prevalent. Tool appeared to be in good form however the recording basically picks up this performance from a distance. In comparison with many other 2006 recordings; it is arguable whether most casual, or any, collectors would listen to this recording more than once. As such, I recommend this for collectors only. As a note, if this recording was from the 1992-1994 then this would get a higher rating but not so with the technology of this day & age.

Maynardism: "Take your clothes off. You people are up past your bedtime. We're going to get you all to sign a waiver. Sean Kinneys birthday. 40 years old."




Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Right In Two