Source A:
  DAT ---- Soundman OKM-II Rock Studio > Sony TCD-D8 / 32 kHz
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Location:  Front of Stack - Right

Taper:  Bazille (FBZ)
Gen:  DAT-0 > DAT-1 from Master
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Notes - by: Taper: Great show with some nice versions of Schism, Ænema, Right in Two .... A small place Le Summum, so great for taping !! I taped just FOS on right side on the room floor, NO screaming, talkative people around me, no movements, so you can imagine the pleasure for taping :-) Sound was very loud in the place & I was afraid to have a bad result on my taping, BUT nice taping I did !! Sound is powerful, very dynamic, well balanced may be a little bit bass-y but I like this kind of sound !! During calm parts of song, no shouting so great to listen to !! Drums is solid,  Voices may be not enough present but it turns fine .... So I am proud of my taping :-) My best TOOL taping ever ? may be ... TOOL always at his best, very happy to have seen them live once again :-))))))))Hi my friend ! So I went to see & tape TOOL yesterday in Grenoble. Great place, as it is a small one, I mean 2500 seats as the room wasn't sold out ..... So, I taped front of stack (right side) on the room floor ... sweet spot for me as no crowd noise, no screaming people near me : perfect for taping !!!! Sound wasn't the best during the show as it was very high & loud, very impressive but lost of precision for my poor ears .... I found that bass was too present, voices not enough ... !!! I was afraid for my recording BUT sound is pretty good on my taping, certainly my best capture of TOOL live. I recognize that ears saturate very fast when sound is to high during a show ... SO what a difference between what I heard yesterday evening during the show & the capture of my taping .... I taped with TCD-D8 + OKMIIR Studio, & sound is sweet, powerful, dynamic !!! Great I mean, I am really proud of it ;DNo parasites noises during the low part of songs, what a pleasure to tape with these conditions. Tool is always so brilliant on stage, amazing & real enjoyment to see them once again !  A classic set list for the show ! Schism & Ænema were my favorite songs yesterday.

Notes - by: Galen: Although it is just my oversimplified & subjective opinion, but, this recording is superb. It is clean, clear, concise & extremely well balanced. This sounds better than 99% of the US Mini Tour recordings. MJK's elusive vocals are clear & in-your face (as they should be) instead of being buried in the mix. Wonderful recording from a taper + fan from the very beginning of Tool; Mr. Bazille (and his very understanding wife, Karine ;o). You could say I am a bit biased as Franck & I are friends but I stand by my word that this recording is superb. Evoking a bit of the overwhelmed, frustrated & albeit downright intensity of what, exactly, Stinkfist's message is about... the scream of "what" is insane. This recording picks the urgency of this performance of Tool not only concretely but without pause, without hesitation. As a note, MJK also, at the very end of Stinkfist whispers "take my hand" as he did in the latter 2002 performances. There are a couple instances, at the very beginning, where the microphones are messed with but that is more of an OCD thing to mention. The very end of Rosetta Stoned - I wonder if Tool, themselves, were stoned as it basically falls apart. All in all, as clear a capture of this performance as could be hoped for. Highly recommended recording. As a note, I do not have this on CD but on DAT. If you do want this, contact the taper as I will not be trading it nor ripping it to CD.

Maynardism: "Have we ever been here? I can't remember - brain damage. Nice to meet you."
Maynardism: "We had a new album come out - apparently it was huge in Belgium & a superb of Checkoslovakia. New album, new tunes... this being one."




Setlist / Quote:

 Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned

Forty Six & 2
Right In Two