Source B:
  DAT --- Sony ECM-717  >  Sony TCD-D100
Dissemination: Sony TCD-D100 >  Sony POC-DA12P > Philips CDR 765 > Master CD-RW > EAC > NERO > 2nd gen CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC (level 8)
Location:  Less than 3m from the PA

Taper:  Kabi225
Gen:  2nd gen
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - by: Taper:  A venue like the Rockhal with a capacity of roughly 4000-5000 people (apparently not sold-out, at least it didn't seem sold-out) is therefore not what I prefer. So, the combination of a) my first Tool show, b) my first time at this venue, c) a "big" venue and d) the supposedly strict security measures made me slightly nervous despite my experience. Finally decided to start the tape early, set the levels rather low and to hope for things to work out OK, as I usually check my levels frequently during a "normal" concert. Also opted for a FOS recording (right side) and when the gig started I was about 5 meters away from the barrier without people standing in between, which soon changed, however, as people tried to get closer to the stage. In addition, some of the security blokes were starting to "collect" cameras, so after about 3 minutes into the opener Stinkfist I decided to move right up to the barrier, less than 3 meters away from the PA. [I guess that's what you call "hugging" the PA] The funny thing was that for most of the gig one of those security guys was standing so close to me that I almost got sick of his after shave. :P Whenever he or one of the others went for somebody with a camera I made a confused face and shook my head and had a hard time not starting to smile, very entertaining indeed. ;D Anyway, I managed to tape the entire show (103 minutes). The first couple of minutes are a bit "rough" with all those people pushing in from the side but as soon as I moved to the barrier the tape became very clean. However, the volume was definitely close to the maximum that the ECM-717 can handle, especially the bass drum was very boomy in places and I didn't think the PA mix was perfect, OK yes, but not great. Anyway, there was apparently one error on the tape (Murphy's Law apparently as I've never had problems with DENON tapes before); two minutes into Schism there are a couple of short digital dropouts. I've managed to repair most of them and unless you listen closely you will probably not be bothered by this. Being a FOS recording there is hardly any loud clapping and talking on the recording. Compared to most recordings seeded on DIME this is probably a bit worse-sounding. I've rated it an "A-/B+". If I actually was the only taper [which I cannot imagine] we've got at least one complete, OK-sounding recording.
Notes - by: Galen:  I hear what the taper is talking about in regards to a bass-sound that basically thumps rather than having a clean sound. Hard to describe. I do believe the taper to be a bit incorrect in his assumption that this is a somewhat "worse sounding" as this is a clear, crisp & overly enjoyable recording. The bass is the only place to draw some amount of criticism but even this small issue is inconsequential. Something that strikes my fancy in this source is in the detailed-capture towards the end of The Pot (MP3'd as a sample). Thsi gives an indication of, overall, how this recording sounds. All in all, very nice & definitely a good capture. I would take a bet that the majority of US mini-tour tapers would've been pleased with results similar to this recording...

Maynardism:  "Luxembourg - damn glad to see you."






CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

 <bass drone>
The Pot

"Luxembourg. Damn glad to see ya."

Forty Six & 2

"Newsflash. We had a new album come out. Not sure if you knew that. New song from said album, and begin."

Right In Two
Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned

CD 2
Setlist / Quote:


"Had enough? Had enough?"


"I hope you enjoyed yourselves, cause we certainly did. Peace Out."