Source C:
Mini Disc --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sharp MT-77 
Dissemination: Master MD > Analog transfer > Mac > Bias Peak > WAV 16/44100 > FlacFrontend > FLAC Level 8
Taper:  Duncan
Gen:  0 / FLAC
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Notes This fine audio recording is brought to you courtesy of one of the most prolific Tool tapers known to be around (still); Duncan. It is rather surprising that this recording is sourced from a compressed MD source with rather basic microphones. Goes to show you that the old standby of CSB>MD can deliver some very nice recordings... this is no exception & is better audio clarity (perhaps quality) than many of the US Mini Tour performances. Perhaps it is something to do with how the PA system is set up in Europe or maybe this taper simply knows how to tape? We may never know. There is a bit of  crowd chatter & talking that is pervasive throughout but not nearly as noticeable as on other recordings. This recording travels around as one complete track sourced from a FLAC that the taper traded with a friend. There may be versions of this source with the WAV file split-up so do not have a cow if you see that at some point or another. Fine recording of Tool, fine performance by Tool & enough to make you want to go see them live. Go see them live & pay at least $70 w/service charges per ticket that is. Or, buying one of Tool's "ticketmaster ticket auctions' for a prime seat. Ha. Depends on what you want to do.






One Track
Setlist / Quote:

 <bass drone>
The Pot

"Luxembourg. Damn glad to see ya."

Forty Six & 2

"Newsflash. We had a new album come out. Not sure if you knew that. New song from said album, and begin."

Right In Two
Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned

"Had enough? Had enough?"


"I hope you enjoyed yourselves, cause we certainly did. Peace Out."