Source D:
Solid State Recorder --- Hama Stereo Digital Microphone 46108 > iRiver (model # not known)
Taper:      Eulenspiegel, contact for trade: email
Gen:         1 from Master
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NotesFair recording. There is a good deal of crowd chatter however, to the credit of this source, that is a minimal issue. To my ears, the sound appears to be almost come from behind you from the back-right. To see what the hell I am talking about, put on a pair of decent headphones & listen. Thus, not sure where the microphone was positioned, I presume it was pointed towards the sound source however audibly it is unclear. If you listen intently you will also notice a layer of bass distortion that is not completely overwhelming, more of a 'if you know what to listen for you will it' type of situation. That said, the low end instead of being there, basically hits a brickwall due to the inability of the microphones to accommodate the SPL frequencies. Ah. This source is worth a listen as the vocals are surprisingly crisp & clean. This would be considered, on an audiophile level, to be well below average for 2006 Tool recordings thus giving it a label of collector's only due only to the lack of comparable benefit in regards to recordings from this leg. Had this been from, say, 1997 the designation would not be made. This is significantly better than the taper's 2006-06-08 recording though.






CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

 <bass drone>
The Pot

"Luxembourg. Damn glad to see ya."

Forty Six & 2

"Newsflash. We had a new album come out. Not sure if you knew that. New song from said album, and begin."

Right In Two

CD 2
Setlist / Quote:

Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)
Rosetta Stoned

"Had enough? Had enough?"


"I hope you enjoyed yourselves, cause we certainly did. Peace Out."