Source B:
Mini Disc --- Core Sound Low Cost Binaurals > Sony MZ-N10
Dissemination: MD Master > Wavelab 3.0 > FLAC Frontend (Level 8) > Torrent / Dimeadozen.org (06/2006)
Location: Front of Stack
Taper:      Bliv
Gen:         0 from Master
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Included picture in FLAC:  HERE
Included picture in FLAC:  HERE

Notes - by: Taper: Nowhere near a perfect recording: 1) I got bumped around A LOT 2) I was REALLY close to the speaker stacks and the volume was VERY high for this set. I guess my mics couldn't handle this very well, resulting in some brickwalling and distortion. 3) Missed some chatter and the first few seconds of Aenema because i had to switch discs. 4) This german dude kept on screaming into my ears and consequently into my mics... Still very listenable though!
Notes - by: Galen:  This recording is definitely listenable & for all practical matters is an enjoyable, enough, capture of Tool. The simple truth is the llow cost Core Sound mics the taper used simply cannot handle the SPL of a Tool show. Regular CSB mics, sure, but not these. Like using Giant Squid microphones at a Tool show in a front-of-stack position; just not going to get a great result. This product is relatively clean but there are instances where a scream from MJK, a guitar lick from Adam or even a couple of audience attendees will cause the recording to have some mild distortion. This distortion is not throughout the recording but it certainly is apparent at different intervals. All in all, a fair recording well above being just for a collector but perhaps not up into the "must listen to repeatedly" category.

Maynardism: "How's it going? Good. Who wants pizza? I want waffles. New album out, called 10,000 Days, buy it so I can afford waffles."




Time: 26:22

Setlist / Quote:



(Texas accent:) "Well, it has been an absolute pleasure. ... Peace out!"


Time: 55:39

Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>

"who wants pizza? ... I do!"

Rosetta Stoned

"That's how we fucking do it in Texas."

The Pot

Forty-Six & 2

"Who wants pizza? I want wafels. ... New album out, called 10.000 Days. Buy it, so I can afford wafels."


"It's kinda cold."