Source C:
Mini DV --- Panasonic NV-GS17 > Panasonic 80min tape - normal speed
Dissemination: Master > DVD
Location: Front of Stack
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Taper:      Wafels
Gen:         1 from Master
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Image from DVD:  HERE
Image from DVD:  HERE

Notes - by: Galen:  Make no mistake, this is a Tool European Festival performance; a place for the band to make a stand in regards to their radio-friendly-big-hits. Lucky for us, there was a taper in the audience with enough balls to bring the first video from the 10,000 Days-era to the masses or at least on CU.org. Although I am sure someone, at some point, will torrent the hell out of this video my suggestion to you is contact the taper for a "real" trade. There is always a risk involved with taping & an arguably larger risk in regards to filming. There are a few instances of heads that block your vision but this is, generally, a temporary critique as there are plenty of MJk, Adam, Justin, Danny & screen shots to make this feel like a real Tool performance rather than a concert sang by a 40 year-old with a mohawk (for those that know many Tool recordings are very MJK-centered). Is this a perfect video? No. But then again, please, show me one example of a "perfect video" (no A Perfect Cirlce jokes, please) as this video, for better or for worse, is as close as many will get to seeing a "perfect Tool video". Nothing like watching as Tool enters the stage at dusk & exit in the dark. Definitely a fair amount of crowd noise but nothing compared to what it could sound like. The built-in microphones managed quite well... although, I imagine, any closer, the sound would be brickwalled. All in all, this recording is definitely a highlight of this particular leg of the tour. Any comments you wish to make on this excellent recording? Check the forums to find out how...





Time: 1:22:19
Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>

"who wants pizza? ... I do!"

Rosetta Stoned

"That's how we fucking do it in Texas."

The Pot

Forty-Six & 2

"Who wants pizza? I want wafels. ... New album out, called 10.000 Days. Buy it, so I can afford wafels."


"It's kinda cold."


(Texas accent:) "Well, it has been an absolute pleasure. ... Peace out!"