Source A:
DAT --- Soundman OKMII-Rock > Sony TCD-D100
Dissemination: DAT > ? > Wav > FLAC > Torrent / Dimeadozen.org (06/2006)
Location: Front of Stack
Taper:      DATmaster
Gen:         1st from Master (given to friend to FLAC & Torrent)
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Notes: I was hoping the band would've busted out a few random songs in reference to the date of this performance; June 6, 2006 (6-6-6). Demon Cleaner? That would've been a very nice addition to just throw in there... Ah well.
Notes / Taper:
Hi, I'm the taper of this show. Maynard was a bit p*ssed off about the large number of people that were smoking in the hall (me too..right in front of me four Americans smoked some joints, and they weren't the only ones, and so he changed the lyrics a bit to show his appreciation. The sound in the Sportshall was not very good, it took me quite a while to remaster this show. Maynards lyrics were too low in the mix, and the guitar was too loud, the bass too heavy (especially during "Right in two"), but nevertheless it was a great concert!
Notes / Galen: Two words: Fantastic recording. This recording proves that mid-range microphones can deliver a beautiful capture of a band in venues that are less than idea. The Soundman OKM microphones are interesting in that you are supposed to place each microphone into your ear for a true stereo effect. I use the same mics from time to time as they are part of my collection, however, I have yet to tape a show and attain the overall ambient feeling + quality as this recording. The scream on Stinkfist where MJK sings "what" before the bridge is awesome. Unlike so many recordings, MJK's vocals are crisp, clean & clear. Clear. Danny's drumming is absolutely insane whereas Justin's bass chomping is, unlike so many other recordings, clear as well. If you take this recording into a vehicle with a half-way decent speakers, amp & 12" box the results will make you smile. Even on headphones while you do -whatever- the overall audio quality of an, although rehearsed, performance of Tool will reaffirm why you believe Tool is one of the best live bands in the history of Rock music. MJK makes some rather amusing references to smoker's in Ænema... " "Stupid shit, FUCKING SMOKE" where he normally sings "Silly shit, stupid shit..."And later he sings "Mom's comin' round to put all your FUCKING CIGARETTES OUT" instead of "Mom's comin' round to put it back the way it ought to be..." (quote from a post on dimeadozen.org).
Notes / Pineaway + Rimb via cu.org forums: It should be noted that stinkfist has the most insane scream of any performance of said song that i've ever heard. not to mention the quality is damned good (really damned good). easily a must have. Stinkfist scream is unbelievable - sounds like his vocal chords are being shredded or something! That was the one song I downloaded as a sample and needless to say, I've now got the whole thing and it's a great show and recording.

Maynardism: "Hello Germans."
Maynardism: "Damn glad to meet you. Some of you again."





CD 2

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Right In Two

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Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

Forty-Six & 2