Source A:
Mini Disc --- Shure SM 58 mic > Sony MD
Dissemination: MD > ? > Wav > FLAC > Torrent / Dimeadozen.org (06/2006)
Location:  Moved Around
Taper:      Oilofolaf
Gen:         ? from Master
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Notes - by: Taper: Mono Audience Recording.  My Rating: only B+ (a bit muffled and not so clear as some other 2006 recordings - be warned)  Between 10:38 min and 11:30 I had to leave my place because the security was hot, hotter, the hottest . . .I'm not so familiar with TOOL, so please help with the track list. 2. I know there was at least one other taper inside the Arena. Please give your recording to us, if you read this. 3. Could anyone upload this recording at DIME ? That would be very nice.
Notes - by: Galen: Is a decent enough recording. There is a good deal of phasing that is persistent throughout the recording. The taper felt he had to move in order to avoid capture by the nototrious security & "The Fox" - he's looking for you! Although this is a complete recording it is simply ok. It is not bad quality but then again it is not all that great either. It is better to have a recording like this then to lack a source. This recording has instances of mild distortion as well. The microphone used to record apparently was only a single, rather than dual, channel. The taper then copied the channel with audio into the blank channel on a computer program for at least semblance of stereo sound. For some reason, the performance of Tool this day, maybe the predictable setlist as well, made me think that "Although I do adore mediocrity in the guise of a TV set blabbering on about nihilistic fatalism, the fact that the band is apparently focused on a narcissistic spat of replication rather than creativity is particularly disgusting to, I would imagine, the enthusiast."

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for coming down. Hopefully we'll see you again before the end of the year. Peace out..."





CD 2

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CD 1

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Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

Forty-Six & 2
Right In Two