Source B:
iRiver --- Core Sound Binaurals > Core Sound Battery Box (no bass roll-off - faulty unit) > iRiver H140 (Rockbox) / 44.1 kHz
Dissemination: Master > iRiver H140 (Rockbox) > USB > HDD > Adobe Audition 2.0 > Normalize > CD Wave > Tracks split > WAV > FLAC Frontend Level 8 > FLAC
Location:  Front of left stack, about 15 feet back
Taper:       Ben - list
Gen:          0 Gen from Master
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Notes - by: Taper:  Faulty battery box caused interference on 46 & 2, Jambi and Schism.
Notes - by: Galen: The first thing that hits you is that this is a really bassy recording. I suspect, however, that at least a portion of the reason is due to the type of recording device; the input on it is not spectacular and do little to hide the deficiencies of the CSB microphones. Especially in this type of context. However, having used CSB mics for a number of years on & off I think I can understand how the extreme bassiness (is that a word? If not it should be) occurred. Sometimes, and I have yet to fully understand why, when you are very close to the stack using CSB mics the bass will sort of have a farting sound where the bass should sort of hit. In this case, the bass rather drones. I think there is little the taper could've done to present this other than giving up his position to move farther back - hard to do that when you are at a Tool show or, hell, any crowded place isn't it? Also, the sound at first may appear to be "far away" when in fact the taper was very, very close to the speakers. Quantify the bass issue & include some instances where there are some issues (although it is hard for me to determine what, exactly, the taper is referring to as it sounds relatively stable) as per report from the taper. All in all, will this recording win a prize for being the most accurate reflection of a Tool performance ever? No. However, is this an interesting listen regardless of the issues associated with it? Definitely. Just turn down the bass a bit on your system & turn the volume up.

Maynardism: "Speaking of download. We had a new album come out. Some of you hippies bought it. New song."





Time: 82:33
Setlist / Quote:

Rosetta Stoned
The Pot
Forty Six & 2