Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony MZ-RH910 (HiSP)
Dissemination: Sony MZ-RH910 Hi-MD > USB > Sonicstage > Wav > Audacity > Wav > FLAC (verify, align, lvl8) > FLAC
Location: Front of Stack - Left / 5m from Rail
Taper:      Jadg2
Gen:         0 from Master
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes / Taper: Please do not distribute this file set, as it is an incomplete and inferior transfer. It contains only the right channel and is distributed as is for sampling purposes only. A proper copy will hopefully be available in time.

Notes / Galen: Yeah well this recording is hot - as in, the levels are really hot. The bass is simply over-powering. Either the SPL from the stacks were too much for the CSB mics or the input on the recorder was too high. There is quite a bit of distortion throughout but this is not completely un-listenable. The left channel is missing; apparently there was some serious issue with the microphone-battery-box, I imagine. For the MP3 sample, I copied the right-channel into the left-channel so you will be able to get an idea of the overall recording. As mentioned, this is basically here for info. I am not doing anything with this recording; when or if the taper does, I am sure he will release it. In it's current form though this is definitely for collectors only.

Maynardism: "Hello Scottish people. And Irish."





Time: 1:49:19
Setlist / Quote:

Rosetta Stoned
Forty Six & 2
Right In Two