Source B:
iRiver --- Core Sound Binaurals > Core Sound Battery Box (no bass roll-off - faulty unit) > iRiver H140 (Rockbox) / 44.1 kHz
Dissemination: Master > iRiver H140 (Rockbox) > USB > HDD > Adobe Audition 2.0 > Normalize > CD Wave > Tracks split > WAV > FLAC Frontend Level 8 > FLAC
Location:  Front of left stack, about 15 feet back
Taper:       Ben - list
Gen:          0 Gen from Master
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Notes / Taper:
 Todd Fox leaning on my head during Rosetta Stoned, and a security guard shining a torch in my face during Stinkfist meant firstly that I didn't adjust my levels, which were too high, and secondly that I abandonned my position FOS-R after the second song, and while being slightly further back abated my paranoia it also accentuated the already overwhelming bass.
Notes / Galen: Although there may be other recordings that surface sooner or later that can at least match the intensity of this source, it is doubtful if another source would be able to match the very in-your-face feel of this source. Is this the greatest recording ever the answer is no. When I listen to this, with no exception in reference to the first two songs, either the CSB's overloaded/brickwalled/bass-distorted or the recording unit simply could not handle the strong signal; I am not sure. However, I do doubt it was the CSBs. The bass is perhaps the most prominent thing in this recording. When you compare it to the Source A you will hear a different relationship between the bass on that source & this source. This is due of course to proximity but also the recording units themselves. Now, once the taper moves from the stacks a bit, the bass can still be "right there" but it is not to the degree as in Rosetta Stoned, for example. In fact, the majority of this recording is pretty good. It's just those really low bass frequencies that more or less kick the recording's ass in regards to processing that information. Ouch. However, this is definitely not a chore to listen to, offers an interesting glimpse from a taper's perspective, is a complete recording & features, as mentioned by the taper, MJK's head of security leaning on his head. Interesting stuff!

Maynardism: "Hello Scottish people. And Irish."





Time: 93:02
Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>
Rosetta Stoned
Forty Six & 2
Right In Two