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Notes - by: Galen / Performance: In contrast to the previous night, the performance was actually pretty good. MJK seemed quite a bit more into the performance & I suppose the rest of the band felt the same. Excellent version of Stinkfist; this is one of the rare songs that simple never, ever gets old. In my opinion, the performance of Stinkfist, captured on audio, is evidence of why I listen to Tool in the first place. Then, the band gets to The Pot... the crowd realizes this is not the same setlist as the night before! Then, Justin plays the first bar of the song a measure too soon. Ouch! The band recovers for a while, then you listen t the strangely very-echo effect of Rosetta Stoned & you wonder, did it mean to sound like this? What?  However, that was not a mistake, that was what we call improv... right? As it is, Tool of course pulls it off. And that is, IMO, the theme of this performance; the band pulls it off. 100% into the gig? Maybe. But that does not always yield the sweetest of fruit? I'll stop this metaphorical bullshit & say that, long story short: better performance, energy & all together enjoyment than the previous night but that the band simply 'pulled this off' rather than deliver something that may go down in the history books as "legend".
Notes - by: Galen / Recording: This is one of the best sources for this performance to see the light of day however, it at times, may seem to have somewhat of an artificial sound. It is very difficult for me to properly explain what I am trying to convey other than the fact that it sometimes sounds fake. Huh? Yeah. However, I believe that is due to the significant amount of compression the band is having their performances sound like (from the board). Other bands do this as well although other names escape me at the moment other than Deftones. The recording is balanced, clean & clear - I get a sense that many folks who have upgraded to different mics will wonder to themselves how in the hell the CSB's could attain clarity like this. I know I am! Also MJK does the "I want what I want" x 4 right at the end of Sober; the first time I noticed that he has done that since the 2002 tour. So maybe London did get something fancy this performance(s) after all.  

Maynardism: "Are there any Irish here tonight? Perfect."




Time: 101:55
Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Right In Two
Rosetta Stoned