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  Hi-MD ---- Core Sound Cardioids > Sony MZ-RH10
Dissemination: Hi-MD > USB > SonicStage 4.0 > PC > SoundForge 8.0 > Normalize > CD Wave (track split) > SoundForge 8.0 (fade in/out) > Flac Frontend (level 8) > Flac > Dimeadozen.org (07/2006)
Location:  Front of Stack - Left

Taper:  Wim
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Notes - by: Taper: A little rec. level adjustment at the beginning of the show.
Notes - by: Prof. Stoned:
This is a remastered version of the previously posted recording.Do yourself a favor (especially if you think the original didn't sound good), and listen to the mp3 sample to compare the
original recording with this one. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Thanks Wim, for this great tape job! I attended this concert. It was great, and I'm glad somebody was able to get his taping equipment through the security check. During the concert, it struck me that Tool's soundengineer used tremendous amounts of compression on the whole mix. Especially during the first half of the set, this was more than obvious. Listen to the long scream ("whyyyyyyy...") in Stinkfist, for example. You'll hear that the voice pushes the volume of the band down, and you can hear it come back when the scream stops. You may also notice that during the more quiet passages, the volume increases considerately. Keep in mind that is not the taper's nor my fault. I did use multiband compression to get the voice & the bass drum somewhat deeper in the mix. But that is not the compression that you can hear so obviously. I used the pultec eq to cut off the enormous boost in the sub-low (round 30 Hz) that was in the original recording. I did this remaster for myself in the first place, but since the difference is so spectacular, I have decided to give it a shot here. However, since the mix changes throughout the set, and the mic position is not constant either, some songs will sound better than others. I attempted to find a reasonable balance in my settings for the whole thing, rather than to master every song separately. The band sounds really direct. It almost has a soundboard-ish quality to it, because the taper was so near the P.A. stack.

Notes - by: Galen:
Interesting performance. To me, this performance sounds the way Tool want to sound; polished, precise & masters of their craft. There may be a few moments of strangeness; particularly with some MJK quotes but make no mistake, this is a recording that will hopefully not sit in the back of your collection. Or on CD. Or on FLAC or whatever. The remastered version sounds quite a bit more processed - in a good way as there is more depth in the soul of the recording versus the original.





CD 1
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Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"Please keep sleeping 'til you feel something"

Forty Six & 2
Right In Two

CD 2
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