Source C:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Giant Squid Audio Lab Binaurals > Battery Box > Sony MZ
Dissemination: CDR > FLAC (dimeadozen.org 06/2006)
Location:  25 meters from the band,a little on the right (front to justin)
Taper:      Fiji / Jean-Phillipe
Gen:         1 from Master
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Notes - by: Galen: Given the above source information, you would not immediately think that this recording would be all that good. Surprisingly, this id s a clear recording. There are track transitions throughout. The bass definitely over-powers the microphones during significant bursts of bass but this is to be expected. When the deep frequencies from Danny's drum "hit", this causes a very deep layer of bass to flutter. It does not distort but it sounds like it could be getting close; such the limitations of the microphones. However, during times when the overall volume is not too loud, the recording sounds quite balanced. I, personally, used the same model of microphone for a period of time; they are ok but the limitations are clear + evident. However, in a small club setting, for example, the microphones can compete with other brands but in any other, louder, concert setting, the microphones simply are lacking. This is apparent on this source. That said, this is still a decent enough listen & should not be ignored as, like all recordings, gives a bit of insight into the band we enjoy; Tool.





CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"Yeah yup time to spit-fuck the old lady."

Bridge: "slip my penis fuck it all suck my penis fuck it all sucking in deeper pristine / naughty no way /  nowhere
Spoken: "can't do
if you smoke" > Scream

Forty-Six & 2

"I have a question for you. Do you like what you hear so far? Would you like us to come back? Do you like the sound of my pretty voice? Can you put your fucking cigarettes out so I can keep it, come back and sing for you pleeeease? Two hours is all we ask; two hours out of every fucking 5 years put your fucking cigarettes out so I can keep my voice? Pleeease, pleeeease ....Fuck head. We have some special stuff comin out tonight some extra songs possibly. if my voice holds up hint hint...Cocksucker."


Right In Two

We have a special guest tonight we're gonna bring out. It's not like you guys deserve it... His name is Haithem come on out Haithem... drumroll... Every one say hello to Haithem. The one person in this town that's shorter then I am."


CD 2
Setlist / Quote:

"You okay Dan, you need a break? What are you like 55 now? I'm super rich I bet all my money on France sorry Spain... I just bought Barcelona. That was a really bad joke that's why we don't translate it for you."

Intermission/Vicarious intro

"See you in November"