Stage: Bendiksbukta

Source A: 
DAT --- Danish Pro audio 4061 > MPS6030 > Sony TCD-D100 (Oade Mod)
Location:  Approximately 15 feet in front of Soundboard, Center
Taper:       Per (trade, contact him your damn self - figure it out)
Gen:          1 Gen from Master (DAT-1)
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Picture from location:  HERE

Notes: There is something about the few shows in July of 2006 that Tool performed that are special. Perhaps it is the addition of the (almost) 'Maynard's Dick' guitar that Adam does prior to Schism or maybe it's the food? As predictable as the setlists were for the few dates of European shows, there is something that is rather special about the performances. Maybe the crowd energy? Remember, the vast majority of the people in the audience did not hear the 'warm-up' gigs so the touring setlist is still 'new' to them. Although Sober does not have the 'screaming' "I want what I what I want" end of Sober & the slight mess-up of Adam during the into licks of Lateralus, the performance from this night appears to be both subdued & energetic. For one of the best versions of Opiate performed in 2006, I sincerely suggest you check out this recording. The random audience chatter around the taper, my buddy Per, is minimal &, if anything, only adds to the ambience of the show. If you were to listen to the entirety of this performance on some headphones in your home enjoying another day being alive then perhaps you would realize that live recordings should not sound as good as this does. Of course you can tell this is a live recording however the vocals are clear, guitars are clean, the bass is not over-powering nor drenched with too much low-end & Danny's drums not only hit but are exceptionally nice. You know, I could seriously go on for a while about this however I will just say that this is a highly, highly recommended recording. 

Maynardism: "Happy Birthday Hilda & Helen" (cu.org wonders how much that cost them for MJK to say that - did they buy a membership to tool army?)




Time: 99:00

<bass drone>

The Pot
Forty Six & 2