Source A:
DAT --- Danish Pro audio 4061 > MPS6030 > Sony TCD-D100 (Oade Mod)
Location:  Center. Approximately 6-7 meters (20') in front of Soundboard.
Taper:       Per (trade, contact him your damn self - figure it out)
Gen:          1 Gen from Master (DAT-1)
MP3 Sample:
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Picture from location:  HERE

Notes - Galen: Great recording of a performance that is loose but tight, relaxed but intense, professional but enjoyable & is an accurate capture of Tool seeming to have fun on stage. The recording itself has a very live, ambient feel to it which is actually quite enjoyable even though it is not my personal favorite type of taping style; Front of Stack. This particular source captures, very, very accurately I think, the feeling of being at a Tool show. Unlike many US Arena shows the vocals from this performance are clear, clean & loud. A lot has to do with the equipment used by the taper. Unlike so many DPA recordings the low end is not too intense in regards to lower-level frequencies. Although up against a lot of other high quality recordings, this particular source could very well be one of the best captures from this leg of the tour. All in all, highly recommended.

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