Source A:
Sony DCR-TRV900 (miniDV LP), no external mics
Dissemination: FIREWIRE > TMGPENC 3XPRESS (VBR - Average 6880kps, 2-pass 10bit/high motion search max bitrate 9200, min 4000, audio mpeg2 384kbs) > DVDLab Pro
Taper:      cesaro
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Gen:         1st from Master
Image from DVD:   Here
Image from DVD:   Here
Image from DVD:   Here (Fire Marshall talking to MJK during The Pot)

Notes - by: Taper: (Master) Pre-amp overloaded camera mics, distorted kick drum & bass at times. 1st 30 mins are fairly rough,rowdy crowd, lot of people got hurt. After that pretty consistent, close & only semi-obstructed footage from time to time with expected bumping creating some shaking (to be expected with any floor shot video). Very enjoyable to say the least! Very vivid and sharp video. After the san diego show I have 0 faith in going to a tool show anymore. After 16 shows, each have progressively devolved. Tons of screaming "Maynerds" and testosterone laden idiots ruin shows. I'm not complaining about taping situations after all, everyone needs to go to enjoy the show and not accommodate someone who is doing something they shouldn't be doing, but when you show a lack of respect to those around trying to enjoy things in a different way then beating the shit out of eachother then you need to re-evaluate why you are watching/listening to the shows. You'll see / hear why in many reviews / bootlegs. Things got really bad at the show tonight, about a 15 minute delay because so many people cant keep their tool cocks in their pants and keep calm. It's a show and its not worth hurting people just to get "2 feet" closer. After shows like these I don't want to go to any more shows (which I'll get over just not tonight =)) because its nearly impossible to enjoy a show without Captain Scrote next to you jumping on your shoulder screaming louder then the PA system and Colonel Ganja burning a field of weed next to you. Please, pass on the word that this stuff isnt cool, and since I'm at it, neither is moshing or crowd surfing, or fist pumping the devil horns. That shit should die and die quickly.

Notes - by: Galen / Show:
The video starts with a black screen & people talking. A pre-show "radio announcement" booms over the PA giving folks a heads-up that Tool will be on soon. As the sound rolls over the PA, the camera picks up Adam grabbing the guitar. The bass drone rolls & the band comes on stage. The crowd is rowdy, the air is tight with testosterone, big egos & drunk frat boys yell Tool. MJK says a very appropriate thing: "hello douche-bags". Yes, this is the infamous performance where something like 15 people were injured, reportedly 2 quasi-seriously, due to the mindless pushing, moshing & otherwise race to be as close to the elusive band as possible. During The Pot, if you take a close enough look when Adam has taken his solo, MJK squats down as someone (reports are that it was the fire marshall) says something about the issue with kids being very rough. Things were so intense, apparently, that the incident had people leave the venue in stretchers. To the fan, though, this meant that the 8 or so minutes the band stood there, not playing, was time out of the setlist. Let this be a testament to being courteous, kind, considerate & respectful of *all* others at a Tool show or any other show. Or else this could happen; or something worse.

Notes - by: Galen / Recording: Personally, this is currently one of my favorite videos, overall, of Tool. I have a good feeling that this will be in my own version of a Top 10 for a long time to come. While it is true that the first 25 minutes are rather choppy & rough, the sound is mildly distorted/brick-walled & there are a few instances of people talking right next to the filmer; this is one of the best videos for close-up, in your face documentation of this band. Most filmers it is fair to say tend to film from the outskirts or fringes of the venue. But this filmer stood his ground with the morons pushing & shoving to try & capture what was possible. I wish you luck finding a visually-superior type of recording from this particular leg/era for Tool at this stage in the game. Highly, highly recommended.

Maynardism: "Good evening douche-bags. Time to spit-fuck the old lady."
Maynardism: "Hey Brett, can we get some light up in front here. Y'all take a step to your left, like a dance, how about that? Issues. If you take a step back we can keep playing. Take a step back, that's like two feet. Not that much for someone's life. Take a step back, please."
Maynardism: "No one has to die for rock n' roll. Except for Sam Kinison & Bill Hicks but that is different. We're just waiting for the viagra & roofies to wear off. Is it safe? Is it safe? Is it safe? Can I get an Amen? Can I get a hallehuiah? Can I get a Jesus-fucking-Christ? Praise Bob."






Setlist / Quote:

<bass drone>
The Pot
Hey guys in the front here - take a step back, people are getting trampled. Take a step back, people are getting hurt. It's just rock n' roll dip shits... step back

<random programmed noise - 8 minutes as people are carried off>

Forty-Six & 2