Source B:
Unspecified Video Recording Equipment
Taper:      ?
Gen:         ?
Image from DVD:   Here

Notes: This particular video's major point of strength is the near-center, mezzanine-level-seat of the filmer. There are not many close-ups; the majority of this footage consists of stage-shots of the band. Which is actually quite nice as many videos are full of shaky moments whereas this is quite smooth throughout with little technical issues in that regard. However, that does not always make this that much of an exciting video. Suppose it does get interesting in regards to nearly getting busted; check out on Ænema when the filmer shoots the ground to avoid security. This happens a few times throughout as well. The audio is distorted on the high end; this is of minor annoyance. Taking a guess, the filmers unit could not handle the SPL levels coming from the stacks. Ah well. It is *not* that bad & it is tolerable if you have patience. There are some random clicks + pops that hit every once in a while. I do not think it would be worth anyone's time to mix the audio with a different source as the audio is decent at least. The thing that is confusing to me is why videos, even in 2006, are often floating around with no source information? I mean, give me a break... write down what you use already.

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Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned