Source A:
? = "Original CDR"
Dissemination: ? > FLAC (dimeadozen.org, 09/2006)
Taper:      ? (Sylph Records)
Location:  ?
Gen:         ? from Master
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Notes: I thoroughly enjoy this recording. I find the vocals to be up-front, the bass where it should be, the drums 'rocking' & Adam's guitar spot-on. The performance itself, regardless of sound quality (which is really nice!) is worth listening to this show. Although not much variation, at all, the band seems to be having fun - that is evident. And, MJK has a very crazy-type of scream during Rosetta Stoned that is not to be missed... right by the "Uncle Waldo" part. Now, the issue I have with this recording is the lack of source information. This is entirely un-excusable. When the taper or whomever posted this for download they gave no information other than "original CDR" for mic + recorder information. It is my *guess* that this is the *same* source information as 08/13/2006 DPA 4061 & the taper, for whatever reason, wanted to be stealthy or cagey with the information for this performance. As it is, this recording is what it is. Funny, in the .txt file of this show, the "title" is: "Whatever Flavor". If so... I would have to go with chocolate. What? That not funny?

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Time: 79:57
Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Rosetta Stoned