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Notes: I recall the speculation surrounding the two HI Tool shows... what are they going to do, are they going to change the set, are they going to pull out an oldie-but-goldy? Well, the closest Tool came to that was to have Kirk Hammet of Metallica come on stage & perform Sober with the band. This is, actually, pretty cool simply because the band is somewhat in an-improvisational thread for Sober (at least). The middle part of Sober is extended to accommodate Hammet basically soloing his soul away. For convenience sake, the entire MP3 of Sober is available via the link above. Some reviews stated that Hammet did not really fit in, however, I personally feel it worked quite well. Definitely the most intricate guitars in any Tool performance, if you know what I mean? Why am I focusing on this element of this show & not going into depth on other parts... well, having listened to every, single show in it's entirety sometimes you have to pick the best part & focus on that rather than wondering "why the same darn songs every show"? The recording is quite good. The necessary ingredients needed for a recording with long term listening potential are there including clear vocals, not TOO overwhelming bass, tight performance, crisp drums &, again, something different with Mr. Hammet. Even MJK does a "tell me why" 3x during the solo & also does the "I want, what I want" at the end of the song... and that, folks, is as improvisational as Tool appeared to be during this leg of the tour.

Maynardism: "We're going to have a special guest tonight. It's not Don Ho, it's not Elvis. It's their illegitimate baby; Kirk Hammet."





Time: 1:39:15
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<bass drone>


"Just a little reminder just in case you forgot"

The Pot
46 & 2

"We had a new album come out recently, called 10000 days. Apparently huge in Belgium and that other place...New Zealand..... Interested?"

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"We're gonna have a special guest tonight. Its not Don Ho.....Its not Elvis. But its thier illegitimate baby...Kirk Hammett"


"Thank You Kirk.................................Thank You Kirk"

Wings for Marie
10.000 Days

"Thank You very much.............. we'll be here again tommorrow night"