Source A:
iRiver --- Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L => Sonic Studios PA6LC3 => iRiver Rockbox
Location:  Front of Stack - Left

Taper:  Mr. Charlie
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Notes: I found this recording to be quite enjoyable. Solid & without real issue. I must confess that although I would not use the iRiver myself as a recording Tool, it definitely served the taper well this evening. A lot has to do with the microphones as well. Clear vocals (although somewhat distant in the mix), clean guitar, not-a-completely-droned-out layer of bass & a pleasant capture of Danny's drumming leave one with an indication that this is an accurate + above average capture of Tool. The performance was rather standard for this leg & was just as solid. I suspect that this recording will find a way into your interest-level regardless of what membership level you bought into from Tool Army. Oooh.... sassed you!





Time: 1:00:45

<bass done>
The Pot

"Deja Vous"

Forty Six & 2
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two

"Thank you all for coming down. Hopefully...we'll see you in the new year...fingers crossed....Mahalo"