Source B:
Mini Disc --- SoundPro SP-CMC-2A(cardioid mics)>Sharp MD-MT200
Row J Seat 30
Taper:  Jesse k. Shain
MP3 Sample:
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Notes: This source sounds like it was taped a good deal of distance away from the speakers, has a pervasive layer of bass that saturates other frequencies, features a good deal of crowd noise & also has a mid-level thud when the bass hits. This borders at times on mild bass distortion. It's not all that enjoyable to recommend someone's recording be best left for collectors only but this one is. The entire mix is muddy & it is hard to differentiate some of the more interesting nuances + intricacies of Tool's performance including when MJK pushes his voice to the limit as Danny crashes through a sequence during Right In Two. With the other interesting sources available it is curious as to who would ultimately pick this source versus another to rock out-to. Not many.





Setlist / Quote

<bass done>
The Pot

"Deja Vous"

Forty Six & 2
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two

"Thank you all for coming down. Hopefully...we'll see you in the new year...fingers crossed....Mahalo"