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Hard Disc Recorder --- Sound Professionals CMC-8 > SP-PreAmp4 > GMini 402
Dissemination: USB > CD WAV > FLAC (dimeadozen.org 08/2006)
Taper:      Terrapin5000
Gen:         0 from Master
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Notes / by taper: The venue is not to be confused with the *stadium* of the same name, situated right across the street; but I don't want to use the arena's "official" corporate name... -- We were promised a new setlist, and so it is (after a fashion): the same songs, in a somewhat different order. Oh, well; it still rocked like fuck. (Especially Danny -- although, believe it or not, Danny and Justin didn't seem as locked-in as they had in Seattle a few months back.) But I *really* wanna hear "Wings" live. -- The friggin' canucks had their lighters blazing during "Lost Keys". I wasn't sure if I'd taken a wrong turn and ended up at the Styx concert (although I have to admit that it did look pretty neat). -- The recording sounds pretty good -- even *very good* when listened to through headphones -- but does suffer from the show's having taken place in an arena. The vocals are notably distant-sounding, for example. There does some to be a bit of noise at certain points. The only thing I can figure is that it may be something to do with the zipper on the jacket I was wearing interacting with the belt I was wearing. It's not really an issue, but thought I should mention it.

Notes / by Galen: Not sure what the taper was talking about with interference with a zipper & his belt. That would not cause interference other than a cling sound, for example. As it is, this is a decent audio recording. Is it clean? Relatively. Is it an accurate reflection of how it sounded? Sure. However, it sounds rather -what is the right term- artificial. This recording, to my ears, lacks significant depth that would otherwise rise this recording from decent to really nice. It's like, the information is there (i.e.: music) but the full spectrum was simply not recorded; this seems to be an issue with both the microphones & the recorder itself. Anyway. I'm not going to go on. Is this worth listening to... sure. I have a strong suspicion though that most people will never listen to this recording in its complete form. And that is a shame.

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CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Intension (tease)
Right In Two

CD 2
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