Source A:
Hi-Mini Disc --- Danish Pro Audio 4061 > Sony MZ-RH10 (HiSP mode)
Location: Rear floor, stage right, under the balcony (Orchestra, Row P, Seat 15) /
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Transfer: Sony MZ-RH10 > SonicStage (USB cable) > Wavelab 3.04a (EQ, compression, normalize) > CD Wave Editor
Gen: 0 from Master
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Notes - by Taper: Those tickets cost me an arm and a leg, but they were worth it once I heard the recording. A combination of the open-air venue and the seats in the "sweet spot" made for one quality recording. There were a few annoying fans around me unfortunately. One very large and drunk girl behind me and to my right had this shrill scream. One older woman two seats to my right just LOVED to scream "Wooooooooo-hooooooo!" like she was riding a roller coaster. Lastly, some guy in front of me felt like the four guys onstage weren't making quite enough noise, and that he needed to clap in time to the music... just to add that extra little bit to the songs. All 3 of these people knew that I was taping, because I told them so, and yet they all still chose to be annoying idiots. Thanks guys. I can only pray that you someday hear this recording and realize how truly stupid you are. Anyway, this still came out as one of my best recordings ever. Also, considering how little the setlists were changing on this tour, it was nice to hear Opiate again.
Notes - by Galen: Truth be told, this was the first night of the tour (i.e.: the first performance at a location that the band previously played in support of 10K Days) & quite a few people were anticipating a setlist that was dynamic & offered variance from the norm from this tour. Rumors of the band performing WFM>10K Days fueled speculation that this debut was right around the corner. Instead, the audience at this beautiful venue was treated to a performance that was, at the very least, tight/concise/well-polished as one would expect from any band. This particular recording is exactly how I prefer recordings: very low crowd noise, super crisp drums/guitar/vocals with bass that is heard but not entirely felt; if that makes complete sense? I imagine that some people would complain that there is not enough audience sound as everyone has a preference... This source is definitely highly recommended but you can do with that what you will.

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CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

01. <bass intro> (1:18)
02. Stinkfist (6:46)
03. The Pot (7:47)
04. 46 and 2 (6:34)
05. Jambi (8:34)
06. Schism (8:09)
07. Lost Keys (3:20)
08. Rosetta Stoned (12:25)
09. Opiate (7:52)

CD 2
Setlist / Quote

01. Merkaba (3:19)
02. Sober (5:22)
03. Lateralus (13:08)
04. keyboard interlude (3:30)
05. Vicarious (7:45)
06. Ænema (7:02)