Source B:
iRiver --- Dyamic Audio Binaurals > Battery Box > iRiver H120 Digital Audio Player / Recorder > 44.1Khz WAV
badur (Jed Smith)
Dissemination:  Wav file from hard drive of iRiver H120 ( USB ) Conv.: Wav > Flac frontend v1.7.1 ( level 6 ) ( FLAC enc. v1.1.2 ) > FLAC (09/2006)
Location:: Front of right stack, about 150 feet away.
( Section A, Row 32, Seat 56 )

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Notes - by Taper: This is my first time seeing Tool live, after a great deal of time spent obsessing about them and collecting every live recording I could. I am glad to now share back to the community this recording. There are a couple points at which the stereo signal is unbalanced momentarily. This is from the turning of my head to look at a). the crowd waving a million lighters, b). a guy getting busted on top of the mixing board building, c.) people proffering to or requesting drugs of myself. Apologies. The mics were installed in the rim of either side of my hat, with cables going down my shirt to a battery box in my back pocket, to my iRiver in my front pocket. There are a couple of minor level adjustments during Stinkfist, but nothing exceedingly notable. Security was not very intense, likely necessarily because of the ridiculous amount of people that were there seeing Tool. Entrance consisted of a very quick pat-down and no metal-detector wanding. My concealed recording device went undetected.
Notes - by Galen: Surprisingly good recording. From other recordings with the same microphones & recorder I would not guess that this product would turn out as nicely as it did. A lot has to do with the open air venue & speakers but nonetheless this is definitely worth a listen. Not as "tight", let's say, as Source A but definitely good. Enjoy.

"Blabbidy blah blah blah."
Maynardism: "Wake the fuck up you drunk bitches."




Time: 1:43:05
Setlist / Quote:

Lost Keys
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned