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Solid State Recorder --- Danish Pro Audio 4061 > CSBB (Filter Off) > NJB3@Wav 48.(+10db)
Taper: Tractor

Location:: Section 204
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Notes - by Taper: Very Some wind and wish wash and 2 very annoying girls right behind me screaming in unison and their dumbass boyfriend that kept yellin to hear 6 degrees lol.Anyway it is what it is an outdoor recording from a ways back and lots of aud noise.
Notes - by Galen: Believe it or not the above description is quite accurate. The skinny: solid recording but there are several instances of almost overwhelming. The taper was NOT kidding when he describes the absolute morons next to him. A couple quotes: "magic" & "yeahhhhhh, Maynard!!" And it just gets worse. However, to the taper's credit, he resisted the urge to either piss on the people next to him or throw beer on them; definitely something that has crossed my mind from time to time at shows where people are completely oblivious to their own ignorance. However the recording itself is very clean & is definitely worth a listen. It can feel very much like you were "there" when you hear some dude say "magic"...

"Donno whazza gass - Good Evening."
Maynardism: "We'll be back in the begining of the new year...scouts only."




Time: 1:40:49
Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Rosetta Stoned