Source B:
iRiver --- External Mic > iHP-120
Location: Section 204, Row JJ, Seat 40
Transfer: iHP-120 > CD Wave > WAV > dbPoweramp FLAC Level 6
Taper: ~sin213~
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Notes - by Taper: On request, I have decided to share this recording. I wasn't going to trade it to anyone because of all the problems from the recording and the show, but here it is anyways. For the record - This was not the best show (in fact, probably the worst show) I have seen TOOL put on. Maynard was sick, he got hit in the head with a water bottle during The Pot and didn't sing the last verse or so of The Pot, and didn't sing again until the last verse of 46&2. In a way, that does make this a rare recording, since this is one of any(?) shows where you get to hear a 46&2 instrumental. Not only were there those problems, but due to Maynard being sick, TOOL didn't play Sober, Right in Two, Jambi and Lost Keys from the setlist. The sound that night wasn't the best I've heard and due to being an outside venue, I don't think it was dark enough for the light show and stage effects.The Recording: I wish I had been able to use my better mics (AT853), but had some technical difficulties at the last minute and had to go with a generic external mic, which didn't do too bad of a job. The sound turned out average - I had some errors extracting this show from my iHP-120's hard drive, so two songs were lost; Schism & Rosetta Stoned. Plus, there is about 25-30 secs of Wings missing, but I transitioned it somewhat, so it isn't quite as noticeable, but it is there. Between being incomplete, not being able to use my good mics and the poor performance that night, I would rate this as a collectors only show. Good to have only if you have to have every existing recording available. There IS a full, better copy out there and this is not it. Look for better shows from me in the near future. With that said... Enjoy! :o)
Notes - by Galen: Not only is the bass completely brickwalled, the highs muffled, the mids buried but this is an incomplete recording. However, it is better than nothing, is it not? That would be in the eye of the beholder. This is definitely recommended strictly for collectors only attempting to listen to each source of Tool possible - and how many crazy people like that are around? The sound is very well below average for this era. Performance wise, this is not the best either; MJK was sick + got hit with a water bottle so what we hear is mostly an instrumental version of The Pot + 46&2. Bad, bad, bad stuff. At least they performed.

""Today's my friend Eddie's birthday...so at the count of three, I want everyone to yell...'Eddie, you're a fucking idiot'! It's not really his birthday."




Time: 67:44
Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Schism (missing)
Rosetta Stoned (missing)

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days