Hi-Mini Disc --- Sound Pro cmc-8's w/ hyper caps>Sound Pro SPSB-9 BB>, Sony Hi MD MZ-M100 / (PCM 44.1)
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Notes - by Taper: Same set as they've been using, no sober, or right in two, probably used longer, more instrumental combo of Wings pt. 1&2 to spare Maynards throat. He's been sick, and I just heard they postponed Tonights show up in Wisconsin, sorry for those guys. Maynard better get his health in order! Loud as I've heard, but pretty well mixed, could've used a little more bottom for my taste.
Notes - by Galen: Whew! Listening to these hyper-cardioid microphones make me want to pick up a pair for less than ideal omnidirectional microphone situations. The overall sound is quite "up front" & clean, clear & somewhat ideal. From this tour, this, I think, is simply an incredibly enjoyable recording. For example, during RS, the voice effects that MJK uses are picked up ever-so-accurately something that tends to become buried in many recordings from this leg. That said, the issue I have with this recording is that due to the microphone pick-up-pattern there is very little bass & that may leave a feeling of a ton of high-end with very little low-end; which appears to be the case. Had the same taper used the same microphones for the US mini tour of theatres where bass was *extremely* heavy, the results would've been ideal for that condition. However, in the large arena setting there really is too much bass missing to make this an exceptional recording. But it is damn close.

"My doctor told me not to do this song . . . but you have great pizza."




CD 1
Setlist / Quote:

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

CD 2

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days