Source A:
DAT --- Danish Pro Audio 4061 > MPS6030 > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Mod II) @ 48 kHz
Transfer: Other than sample, currently not mastered as it is still on DAT
Location: Main Floor, Row S, In front of Left Stack
Taper:      Galen
Gen:         Master Recording
MP3 Sample:
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Notes - by Galen: With the addition of Wings for Marie > 10,000 Days in early September, Tool had a solid setlist for this leg of the tour. Sporting a setlist that highlights their hits & heavy reliance on the recent release & two cancelled shows (the show prior to this was called-off in WI) there was a small amount of speculation in regards to if Tool would perform. Some speculated that perhaps Maynard was not sick and that maybe too little tickets were sold. One thing was clear, MJK had his voice back. The performance was as inspired as plausible for playing, of all places, Columbus, OH. Standard performance but there seemed to be evidence that the band was, at least, enjoying themselves - I think that comes through in the performance. And also evident in the recording itself. To be honest, I am quite pleased with this as I did absolutely nothing to the recording & it is, I think, an above average to 'really good' AUD recording. Is hard to mess up a decent DPA 4061 > M1 though. I do not really want to speak too much about it, you can check out a bit in the MP3 sample link if you want. There were not too many people hooting + hollering around us but there are the occasional comments from the less-than insightful. Met up with a couple of folks at this show; Geordy & Ryan A. I think we all drove at least 4 hours from 3 different States to meet up after the performance. Big, big thanks (again) to Geordy for finding a guitar center & the $12 DAT tape as I brought everything *but* a DAT tape...




Setlist / Quote:

<Bass Drone>

"Round on the ends and high in the middle. Pay attention stoners."


"What the fuck happened here that last election? Come on people. Sorry."

The Pot
<Maynard's Dick> (guitar tease)
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"This song goes out to Jan."

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"Thank you, good night. I double dog dare you to leave."


"See you in Cleveland. Peace...Out."