Source D:
Solid State Recorder --- Core Sound Binaurals/120 > Microtracker 24/96 (@24bit/48kHz)
Transfer: USB > WAV > CEP2.0 > CD Wave > FLAC [8]
Location: Recorded from Main Floor, Row S, In front of Left Stack.
Taper: Geordy
Gen: 0 from Master
MP3 Sample:
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Notes - Taper:  First of two nights seeing Tool. Got lucky with the awesome floor seats as it seemed to sell out almost instantly. Everything about the night was better than the night to follow, amazing how much seat location can affect things. I'm not the only one disappointed with seats on the floor, am I? Well, tonight, I was sitting exactly where I would have liked to stand had it been GA. You win some, you lose some. Had the pleasure of meeting up with Galen before the show and Ryan A. after the show, we'll have to do it again sometime!
Notes - Galen:  Hell yeah, nice recording. Of the sources for this floating around this has a very alternative feel to it. That said, it definitely does not sound like a CSB, that is for sure. It does sound like a hyper-cardioid recording. I mean that in a good way, actually. I know it sounds weird but that's my take on it. The bass is minimal & the frequencies are rolled off quite bit, giving this an almost soundboard-ish feel to it. With the massive layers of compression, EQ or whatever mixed with the native CSB source the end result is something striking. It should be noted that you would be hard-pressed to get the same results; seems the taper got lucky. Now, my DPA4061>M1 source sounds dramatically different than this source; and we stood right next to each other; the power of EQ can go a very long way to create something interesting. Nice job to those involved.




Time: 107:40
Setlist / Quote:

<Bass Drone>

"Round on the ends and high in the middle. Pay attention stoners."


"What the fuck happened here that last election? Come on people. Sorry."

The Pot
<Maynard's Dick> (guitar tease)
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"This song goes out to Jan."

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"Thank you, good night. I double dog dare you to leave."


"See you in Cleveland. Peace...Out."