Source F:
Hi-Mini Disc --- sp-bmc-3 mics>bass rolloff 195hrzsp-bm6 batt box>sony mzrh-10minidiscHIMD
Location: ?
Transfer: Master MD>goldwave fade ins/outs mastering>cdwave>flac
Taper:      garrett
Gen:         0
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Notes: Ah this is a recording that is basically, "fine". Meaning, that there are no real issues other than the common complaints one would have like standard set list, some crowd buzz/noise & a bit of movement of the microphones whilst recording. This source, however, sounds (to me) like it was recorded from quite a distance away. The cymbals are crisp & the levels of all 4 instruments (what, vox not an instrument all of a sudden?) are balanced good. However, there is a definitive sense of 'distance' in so far as it sounds like the taper had some space between the stacks + location. That is not an issue per se but a valid observation. Is this a definitive source for 2006 or for this performance, no. Is this a fine recording, though - yes. So, how in the hell did this little show in Ohio garner so many damn tapers? Maybe it has something to do with this performance being on a Friday night? Oh something interesting, how faux pas though, during the first soundscapes before 46&2 you can hear the obligatory fucked-up guy get help from his friends (i.e.: breath! breathe!).

CD 1:
CD 2:

Setlist / Quote:

<Bass Drone>

"Round on the ends and high in the middle. Pay attention stoners."


"What the fuck happened here that last election? Come on people. Sorry."

The Pot
<Maynard's Dick> (guitar tease)
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"This song goes out to Jan."

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

"Thank you, good night. I double dog dare you to leave."


"See you in Cleveland. Peace...Out."